Founded in 2010, EXPO annually promotes courage and character among youth.   

Children ages 6 to 17 from Casa Vida y Esperanza and the community of Magdalena, Sonora, MX annually exhibit their projects in 26 project categories at EXPO Esperanza. EXPO builds leadership and courage among the participants as they conquer their fears of handling a large animal, getting up on stage in front of an audience, and bringing their art or cooking creation to an expert judge for critique. 

EXPO is not just an event, but a summer-long activity. Participants are involved in classes, training, practices , community service, and animal husbandry throughout the entire summer preparing for EXPO. 

The mission of EXPO Esperanza is to develop leadership, responsibility, and technical skills in today’s youth through experiential learning programs that encourage proactive involvement at community and personal levels.

2019 Expo

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