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PCLM is a beyond-profit business established to build relationships, serve others and provide employment. It consists of three business units: Carnisimo, Rancho Agua Viva and Carnisimo Burgers. 

The main focus of the business is to develop leadership and professional traits in new workers as well as provide jobs and training for youth at CVE as they start entering into the workforce. 

The mission of PCLM is to glorify GOD through financially sustainable businesses by building relationships, serving others, employing people and creating environments to help people grow spiritually, and to work in alignment and harmony for impact with the efforts of CVE, the local church, and international church efforts.

Carnisimo (Super Meat) is a meat-processing business started in 2010 that specializes in providing high-quality meat products to consumers throughout the state of Sonora. Carnisimo produces smoked meat snack sticks and beef jerky which sells at C-stores, and various restaurant products: carne asada, smoked sausage, pepperoni, salami, ham, chorizo, and ground beef.


Rancho Agua Viva (Living Water Ranch is a cattle ranch established in 2015 with the goal of producing top notch genetics for area ranchers that efficiently convert sunlight to beef in the Sonoran Desert environment.  Currently the herd consists of around 100 cows, half of which are used to produce Red LimAngus bulls for the surrounding community.  The other half are commercial cows.  The cows are run on a 3,000 acre desert ranch while the bulls and replacement heifers are developed on irrigated pasture.

We serve as a conduit of information by tapping into our resources and agricultural experts back home. Our desire is to build relationships with them and ultimately, create an avenue to share the Gospel.
— Joel Leman, Ranch Manager

Carnisimo Burgers