2018 RAV Staff

Rancho Agua Viva is now is nearing it's third year of operation. Some workers have been with us since the beginning, and some are new. All of the following staff work at RAV ranch headquarters, the irrigated pastureland. Meet our ranch hands! (Note: While Limón is the ranch manager, we have not included him in this staff highlight.)


Ramón has been with RAV since the beginning. He is the direct supervisor to all of the teenage boys who work at the ranch. Without Ramón, the ranch would not be able to function as well as it does. He directs and oversees the repair of fences, the moving and set up of irrigation pipes, as well as aiding in the general care of the cattle. It is no exaggeration when we say we don't know what we'd do without him. He's definitely a key member of the RAV team.


César has worked for RAV for about a year. He graciously stepped up when RAV needed a reliable night watchman. He dutifully filled that position until the ranch manager house was finished. Currently he fills in as watchman when needed as well as overseeing housekeeping needs for the office and guesthouse. Having César around is a great advantage for the boys as they have a daily opportunity to interact with an older, respectable male of their own culture.


Eddy is one of four teenage boy employees and has worked at RAV for almost six months. Formerly a resident of CVE, he currently resides in town. He works part time in the mornings and attends school in the afternoons. As the youngest member of the RAV team, he definitely appreciates the opportunity to work and learn.


Axel has worked at RAV since 2017. Typically, he works in the afternoons as his schedule allows.  He loves being outdoors and spending time with the animals and other ranch hands.


Manuel is one of two new faces at RAV and another of the teenage boy employees. He started at RAV just this year and works full time.  He currently lives at home and is working to finish high school.


Ramsés is the second new face at RAV. He had worked here for a few months during 2016, but quit when he could no longer find transportation to and from a nearby town where he was living. He recently relocated to Magdalena and is happy to be working once again for RAV.

                         L to R: Ramss, Manuel, Eddy, Ramón, and César. Not pictured: Axel

                         L to R: Ramss, Manuel, Eddy, Ramón, and César. Not pictured: Axel