National Ag Day

To celebrate National Ag Day (March 14), we want to highlight the impact Agriculture has as the means for The Fatted Calf to spread the gospel in missions in Mexico. Animal agriculture has been taught through opportunities in the classroom, Expo Esperanza, job training and providing career opportunities to the children at Casa Vida y Esperanza and the local community and state in which we live.


Teaching agriculture ...

Teaching ag to the kids gives us opportunity to engage with them and find a meeting ground to develop relationships.


Rancho Agua Viva

A group of US cattle were imported in 2016. As the base herd, RAV continues to build the seed-stock herd. RAV also owns a commercial herd where the steer calves are imported back into the US. The Fatted Calf uses information from US ag research and advice for ag experts in the US. This information is then conveyed to ranchers in Sonora to improve herd genetics and establish good working relationships.


Animal agriculture is taught through Expo Esperanza

Children from CVE and the Magdalena community show cattle, sheep, horses and chickens at the annual Expo Esperanza.



Interns from a variety of US universities use their knowledge of Ag to work with the kids for Expo. Many of them have Ag backgrounds and are Animal Science or Ag Education majors.

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth;
— Psalm 104:14