RAV at Expogan Ímuris

On March 22 - 24, Rancho Agua Viva participated at “Expogan Ímuris”, a ranching event and “farm show” in a nearby town. On display representing RAV’s herd were 3 bred heifers and 3 bulls that are for sale. This opportunity gave RAV a chance to share about the Lim-Flex breed and what it can provide for ranchers in our state of Sonora, MX.

expo gan imuris IMG_20190323_150818.jpg
expo gan imuris IMG_20190323_184325.jpg

It was the first opportunity for RAV to show publicly and give more exposure to what is being done not only with RAV’s genetics but also with the management practices and high intensity rotation irrigation system. Joel Leman, ranch manager met a lot of new local ranchers as well as state industry government officials.

expo gan imuris IMG_20190323_183350.jpg
People viewing the cattle at Expogan Ímuris were very impressed with the cattle. It looks like there is a bright future!
— Joel Leman, Rancho Agua Viva ranch manager