Summer is coming

We are seeing sunny weather…actually, HOT weather and feels like we skipped right over spring. Below is a little glimpse of Fatted Calf life this past month.


Rancho Agua Viva

Although RAV manager, Joel Leman and his wife Kristi and kids are able to get away for sabbatical, it’s business as usual for the ranch. Cattle are grazing freshly irrigated grass, cows are checked in the mountains, and irrigation tubes and electric fences are moved daily for rotational grazing.


Carnisimo and Carnisimo Burgers

As often as Casa Vida y Esperanza hosts work team, we are privileged to have them visit us in Magdalena. Duane gave a tour of the Carnisimo meat plant to a work team from Bluffton, IN. After the tour, they enjoyed burgers and fries in the back patio of Carnisimo Burgers.

carnisimo tour.jpg
work team burgers.jpg

Expo Community Service

Expo participants are given various community service activities to participate in throughout the year. On a Saturday morning, we met at the home of one of Expo’s families to pick up garbage in their neighborhood.


Intern Program

Former intern Miranda Gerrard, came back to Magdalena to re-connect with some of the kids she worked with in 2012. She supervised horse riding activities and helped the kids brush up on their old skills and learn new ones.


This summer we are set to have 6 summer interns. The college students from Murray State University, Purdue University, and South Dakota State University are due to arrive the end of May. A lot of planning is underway to match their talents with the projects that the kids at CVE are interested in. Amanda’s been busily preparing the Expo Project Class and Summer Specials offerings.


It would seem like we are able to report a variety of happenings in just a short month’s time. There are a lot of working parts in the big picture of the mission. With all of the physical work, efforts, planning, and coordinating involved, it is only with God’s blessing that we can do our little part.

Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
— Psalm 127:1